Understanding Takes Time

People are just empty souls walking around without really knowing each other.



You know that moment when you first meet a person and then they ask what’s your hobby? I really want to say something cooler than watching movie trailers on Youtube all day. So maybe blogging could be a good conversation starter.


Was the Forbidden Fruit really an apple?

Looking at our Bible now, it kind of looks like a tomato. I’m not sure. Although, the artist of this book just draws the fruit from what he/she thinks what the forbidden fruit looks like.


Unexpected guest, 3 years ago

He was gone in a second. I could suddenly hear the boxes under my bed moving. Shit. I didn’t know what to do. I don’t want to shout because I have this gut feeling that he is just scared as I am. Why would he hide under the bed?


Siblings as Dormmates & Parents as Dorm Managers

My siblings are just a bunch of close dormmates while my parents are dorm managers that collect dorm fees once a month.