Chandler’s Lines That Can Save You From Awkward Situations

Everyone experiences awkard situations. Sometimes, I unconciously say his lines to save me from god-awful embarassing moments.

Here are some of Chandler’s lines that can save you from awkward situations.

1. When someone genuinely asked for your advice and you don’t know shit

2. When you don’t want to share your family problems while growing up

3. When someone lectures you about your food choices

4. When someone starts showing their feelings for you

5. When you simply run out of excuses

6. When you don’t want to talk about how your first time went

7. When someone spills your secret so might as well take other people with you

8. When someone points out your weakness but you already accepted who you are long time ago and still working on it

Out of all the Friends character, Chandler is the person we can probably relate the most. If these lines didn’t help, at least you used a Friends reference. And damn it, you can never be wrong with Friends.


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