Another Episode

I still get panic attacks whenever I wake up and the lights are off.

Around 1:00 am today, the electricity went out. I was asleep at the time and when I woke up, I started panicking. It’s very close to how you feel when you’re drowning or that feeling of losing control.

I imagined being back in my dorm room in Cebu. Sometimes, it would take me a few minutes to realize where I am.

Good thing my sister suddenly woke up. She didn’t say anything, she just looked for my emergency kit in the drawer and light some candles. She knows I don’t like feeling helpless.

She waited for me to relax a little bit. But since it’s kind of impossible to go back to sleep for me, we just made candles that our grandmother taught us because I was panicking again. Thinking that all my candles will burn out before the sun is up.

When making candles, you’re just going to need oil, salt, cotton, matchstick, and a small glass!

Simlply mix the salt and oil. Wrap the matchstick with a cotton then stick it in the middle, use the salt to make it stand. The cotton should have small amount of oil.


Enjoy the rainy days!





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