Unexpected guest, 3 years ago

I’m a bit of a daredevil.

You know that moment when your mom sees a co-worker outside office, it would take eons for them to bid goodbye like they don’t see each other five times a week? Maybe it’s just good manners. I don’t know. When I was 6, I finally got tired of her talking to a co-worker for like a decade so I let go of her hand and run away until they couldn’t see me. Just for the thrill.

I saw her face after running around for 15 minutes, she didn’t look scared like most mothers would have, but it was not the first time I did something like that.

When I finished high school, I was only 16. My mom wrote University of the Philippines-Cebu in my UPCAT application form even though our house is just thirty minutes away from UP-Diliman campus.

So fast forward, when I passed UP-Cebu, my mom was very supportive. I think she wants me to live her dreams. Studying in an unknown land, learning a new language, finding love, etc..

Eventually, I learned how to speak Bisaya and made new friends that I’m sure I will keep for a lifetime. It was definitely one of the most memorable years of my life.

Although you know what they say about life, when you think everything is alright, be ready because that also means everything can crumble all at once.

October 2013. 1:00 midnight.

I woke up and the lights are off.I could hear Kari Jobe’s Steady My Heart playing. I realized that I’m still wearing my earphones. I must have fallen asleep so I wondered why the lights are off.

I figured maybe the electricity is out or the light bulb’s busted but I looked at my laptop at the edge of my bed, it was still charging.

I rolled to my left side and just listen to some music, waiting until my laptop is fully charged. Suddenly I could feel my shirt coming up. I turned around and saw a man’s figure. I could barely see his face.

He was gone in a second. I could suddenly hear the boxes under my bed moving. Shit. I didn’t know what to do. I don’t want to shout because I have this gut feeling that he is just scared as I am. Why would he hide under the bed?

After for like about ten seconds, I looked under my bed and saw a figure, he was facing the wall. I said calmly, “Fuck you. Labas dito.”

He did a military crawl, opened the door, and out of the room.

I immediately turned on the lights and surprised to see all of my clothes on the floor.

To this day, I still don’t know who the guy is. Some of my neighbors think it might be a prank. I don’t know what to think really. I can’t recognize his face.

That’s the day when I decided to leave Cebu. I still can’t sleep with the lights off because of an unexpected guest, almost 3 years ago.



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