Understanding Takes Time

I have this habit of walking around the campus after my last class of the day. Usually around 5 or 6 pm. Except Thursdays when my class ends at 7 pm, then I’d go straight home.


Academic Oval, UP Diliman Campus. Photo courtesy from Dennis, Running Pinoy

I’ve been doing this habit for 3 years and here are some of my reasons:

  1. A simple reassurance that I survived today. I’m still here doing my daily walks.
  2. I love exploring new places!
  3.  When you pass by the College of Music, you would hear students playing different instruments.
  4. I save around 20 pesos everyday because I am used to walking around campus that I don’t get tired easily, so there is no need to take UP Ikot.
  5. Most of the time, I’m with a friend during these walks. Usually with someone staying inside the university so I’m sure she gets home safely. This is also my way of making them feel that they are not alone, since I was also a dormer myself for 2 years.
  6. I can organize my thoughts after a long day. Schedule what I’m supposed to finish before the day ends, and what I need to do the next day.
  7. I love people-watching. The idea that you would never know what it’s like to see the world in other people’s eyes has always fascinated me. People having different versions of “reality”. Sometimes, I would even make stories inside my head with people I’ve never even talked to, as characters of my so-called play.
  8. I’d get to see some of the buildings that I’ve never seen before. Sometimes, I would try to get in and act like I’ve always been going in that building since forever.
  9. I’ve actually made new friends because of walking around campus.
  10. This is where I do my prayer walks. After a very long day, I talk to Him about how my day went, my heartaches, and frustrations. The things I don’t understand, and the things I’m still trying to figure out. My long prayer walks made me realize how important it is spend time with Him.

Understanding takes time. Always make sure to seek it. To never stop learning. To never stop understanding. Because if we do, people are just empty souls walking around without really knowing each other.

You can get a glimpse of UP Diliman campus in “A Quick Afternoon in UP Diliman” by Running Pinoy.




2 thoughts on “Understanding Takes Time

  1. I “understand” your thoughts! :p

    Cheap jokes apart, It feels good to read about what happens when we just “listen” to people when we just “know” ’em. When we don’t understand them. After all everybody’s got their battles 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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