Simplicity: Salads and Piggy-back rides

I didn’t have the perfect childhood. It was simple. It was okay. But now, I would kill for something simple, for okay.

Grade 1

I was really jealous of my classmates who were picked up by their mom or dad after school. Teachers don’t allow students to go out of school premises when they don’t have a guardian. Once in a while, my grandmother would pick me up from school. But there were also times that I would pretend to wave my hand and smile so teachers would think someone is waiting for me outside the gates. School isn’t that far. It only takes me about an hour when I was a kid to walk home.

After a few months of school, the principal encouraged me to take the advancement exam so I can skip 1st grade. I passed the exam and moved up to 2nd grade.  I was so damn happy because that way, I won’t have to keep on pretending that someone is waiting for me outside since older kids can go home on their own. (or that’s what I thought)

Grade 2

I still needed a guardian but I don’t need to pretend anymore because my grandfather can now pick me up from school! My grandfather used to pick up my older sister (her school is way far than mine). But she transferred to my school! Everybody wins!

My grandfather was very tall, he used to give me piggy-back rides so I would see the point of view of tall people. This is just his way of encouraging me to get 10 hours of sleep.

My grandmother would prepare her very special salad so I would eat my vegetables. My classmates, even my teachers, would always look at me during recess to see what kind of salad my grandmother prepared for me that day.

2nd grade was the best memory of my childhood. Salads and piggy-back rides.

Grade 3

My grandpa died. My grandma said we will be living somewhere near my parent’s workplace. I used to think that my grandparents were my parents since that’s what I was always told.

I guess that’s all I have to say about that.

Simplicity is salads and piggy-back rides. I would kill for something simple, for okay. God. I miss my Tatay so much.

If heaven had a window and God granted me a view,
of all the beauty it beholds I’d only look for you.
–  Kathy J Parenteau, If Heaven Had a Window



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