When starting this blog, I took the one-word prompt challenge where you will write anything about that word you were assigned to do.

My word for today is… guess what, of course, it’s in the title. Transformation

So maybe that’s what I am trying to start today. A transformation in my daily routine. I started blogging again. Yay!

I’m still wondering why I’ve stopped. Around 2 years, I think?  I’m a little disappointed with myself.

You know that moment when you first meet a person and then they ask what’s your hobby? I really want to say something cooler than watching movie trailers on Youtube all day. So maybe blogging could be a good conversation starter.

I can write about shitty things now. I don’t mind writing, whether it is about something good or bad. I could write ten times more than usual. After everything I’ve been through, dapat lang ‘no!

When looking for the right title for this site, I seek my deepest desires in why I should even start writing again for the world to see.

Then I realized the right words that perfectly summed up my feelings.

Word Exorcist.

Writing is a form of exorcism to let the demons out of me.

I guess I’m getting tired. I just want a channel to let all these demons out.

I’m writing a blog about blogging. Heck. For the love of writing!


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